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Did you know that if you live in Maryland on a property with water access, you can use oyster floats to help clean the bay and have your very own oysters?  What’s more, the state of Maryland pays you back for the floats you buy to grow your oysters as a tax credit.  So you can have your oysters and eat them too!

Moonstruck Oysters Oyster Floats
We sell floats that the oysters grow in.  Each float we sell comes with the oyster bags attached to them and 600 baby oysters to help you get started.  Our full service includes delivery, setup and installation of your floats.  More info here…

Don’t forget the MD Tax Credit!
What’s more, we provide the invoice that you need to complete at tax time so that you can claim the full costs (up to $500 of equipment for each Maryland resident) of your floats back from the state of Maryland. More info here…

Save the Bay
One 3” oyster can filter more than 50 gallons of water in 24 hours.  What’s better than know you’re helping to save the bay while getting full claim on your tax credit and enjoying fresh oysters right in your backyard?  More info here…

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